Description: . Destined to bring well wishes to anyone this print features a number of lucky dragons, butterflies, peacocks and rabbits. The high saturated indigo print is created by hand using age old block printing techniques, printing 20 yds at a time. Because this is truly a handcrafted work of art, no two pieces may be alike. Slight shifts in the printing may be evident. Woven of all natural materials this woven will contain slubs and knots. All of these “flaws” described are not considered to be defects, but instead add to the natural beauty of the product. Woven exclusively in India for Pearson.
Content: 100% Cotton
Color: Blue
Pattern: Prints
Width: 54 "
Repeat: 32 " Vertical & 27 " Horizontal
Fabric Grade: 46
Application: Indoor  
Natural Fibers: Yes
Cleaning Code: s

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